The road to Nimbin

“They’ve been spending a lot of time and money on the Nimbin Road”, a family member, Karran told me a few months ago. Her former partner (and father of her children) is a council worker, and that’s how she knew. “It’s a shame they aren’t spending more time fixing up the potholes around town”, she added.

In addition to all of the well-canvassed problems caused by this year’s floods in the Northern Rivers, there’s the issue of the roads. There are still roads (such as the road to The Channon) that remain severely damaged. Some roads and bridges collapsed, due to the floodwaters or heavy rain.

But as we drove to Nimbin today, we were quite impressed.

Improvements in the road between Lismore and Nimbin.

“I haven’t seen the road look this good in many years”, my friend, Sue, who grew up in Nimbin said today.

There is still some quite damaged road closer to Nimbin itself.

If there’s one good thing to come out of the floods, it will be that some long overdue infrastructure improvements occur.

“Everywhere you go in the Lismore CBD, you can smell fresh paint”, I said to my friends. “They’re also installing fairly similar shop windows and fittings, and so it’s likely to give the main block a more consistent look”, I noted.

There are still lots of empty shops of course.

A very brief video tour of Nimbin.

For a number of years, we’ve been heading to Nimbin, because an old school friend and his partner live there, where they run a dairy and goat farm, making milk and cheese. On occasion, we’ve actually helped with the milk-making, though mostly we spend the time at Nimbin sitting, chatting, making lunch, drinking wine, and enjoying the long friendships we share. (45 years!).

Sue, Paul and James.
As my friend was raised at Nimbin, she couldn’t resist purchasing this t-shirt for her brother for Christmas.

4 Replies to “The road to Nimbin”

  1. I have never been to Nimbin. Must do it someday.
    My best wishes to you and your family for a healthy and happy Christmas and New Year

    1. Hi Barry, yes it’s worth a visit. I think a lot of people still get approached for drugs, but that has happened to me in many years. The countryside is wonderful.

  2. As NSW has we too have huge road problems caused as much by just so much rain as flooding. I can only conclude the roads we build in Australia are built to rubbish specifications if compared to cold weather countries. Two or three years after a road is remade, potholes will start appearing. It is easy to blame heavy trucks and they are no doubt what damages the roads but the roads need to be built to carry the weight without constantly breaking up

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