Lazy Sunday

After a couple of weeks of daily activity, I’m taking it easy this Sunday. Though I need to go into work later this afternoon/evening to catch up on a few things, I woke late this morning (about 8am). Instead of watching “Insiders” on ABC TV, I stayed in bed and listened to it on “ABC NewsRadio”. I fell asleep again sometime during the program (no reflection on the content, I’m just a little bit tired), and woke again around lunchtime.

Yeah, I know in the grand scheme of things, I lead a very nice life. But for the last few weeks I haven’t had a day off, haven’t had a moment where I’ve had a “sleep in”, haven’t had a day where I’ve done “nothing”. Yes, yes, middle class white male privilege in a Western country, I know all that, and am conscious of all that, and believe in all that but hey, I’m just a little bit tired, so please give me a break. :):)

That said, it hasn’t been a few weeks without a lot of enjoyment, and here are some highlights from the last few weeks.

My friend Kate and I went to see the opening of an exhibition at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney. The exhibition was curated by Kate’s friend Greg Leong, with whom we shared a glass of wine, ahead of the opening. The exhibition was focussed on Tasmanian artists with a connection to Chinese culture, many of whom were of Chinese heritage. I really liked this piece, “Tasmanian Chinoiserie” by Megan Walch.
My friend, Graeme and I went to see Nath Valvo perform as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival. His whole routine is very much based on his personal story of his family, his relationships, and his take on modern life. He talks about his “bogan family”, his “over-achieving boyfriend”, and his observations of modern life. I like him very much. He’s very funny.
Ultimo Skyline: I was invited for “after work drinks”, and discovered, after about 25 years working in the building, we have an awesome Level 7 balcony space. There’s the Frank Gehry UTS building on the right, and lots of cranes elsewhere, with a beautiful sunset.

Vivid Sydney

On Friday night, my friend Michaela and I caught up for dinner at Fratelli Fresh (Bridge Street), went to “Art Bar” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and checked out Vivid, the annual “light festival” in Sydney. It didn’t feel much like Vivid, though, as the weather was warm, and it didn’t rain! Awesome evening with a great friend.
Vivid Sydney, as viewed from the Cahill Expressway. A tip: catch the glass lift to the expressway on the Opera House side of Circular Quay station, and you’ll enjoy some awesome views.

Mould Cheese Festival at Carriage Works in Sydney

Yesterday, I caught up with my friends, Paul and Sue, who I’ve known since 1978! We met to school together at Richmond River High School in Lismore, in Nothern NSW, and have remained friends since. No doubt we’ll be around for each other’s funerals.

Paul and his partner, Kerry run Nimbin Valley Dairy, which makes some awesome products, using both cow and goats milk, including fresh milk, cheese and butter. Last year, and this, they came to Sydney for a cheese festival, where Sue and I helped out. Though it was a long day, it was lots of fun, with lots of chat throughout the day, and then dinner at night.

Paul and Kerry from Nimbin Valley Dairy
Mould Festival at Sydney’s Carriage Works
Mould Festival at Sydney’s Carriage Works
Long-term friends, Sue, James and Paul catch-up and have a coffee break at Sydney’s Mould Festival.

Despite the busy times, life’s good.

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