Aside from grabbing a grape-flavoured snow cone, I didn’t worry too much about the food or drink at tonight’s markets at Mindil Beach.

During the dry season, thousands of people head to the beach in Darwin for the Thursday (and Sunday) Mindil Beach Night Markets, where they grab some food, listen to some live music, enjoy conversation, and watch the sunset.

In fact, many people literally applaud when the sun sets into the ocean.

People in Western Australia take it for granted and gather similarly at places like Cottesloe Beach. But since most Australians live on/near the East Coast, it’s quite a remarkable thing to witness. Hence the applause.

Though the smell of the paela was tempting, the length of the queue wasn’t, and there were far too many people for my liking at the market anyway. So I headed straight to the shortest queue, grabbed my drink, and headed to the beach.

The main reason I was so keen to attend tonight was that I knew there was a low tide.

Watching the sun set into the ocean is wonderful at the best of times, but when it’s low tide, the mud flats are revealed.

While most people stay perched (with their takeaway food) on the higher, drier parts of the beach, I love nothing more than getting right out near the ocean, to enjoy the more isolated view, and to enjoy those mudflats. And to move slowly, back towards the beach, as the tide comes in.

Even though I have lost track of the number of times I’ve visited the markets (since the first time I visited Darwin in 1998) but the sunsets never disappoint, especially those at low tide. Highly recommended if you’re ever visiting Darwin. A wonderful experience.

A couple of minutes, watching the tide come in.

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4 thoughts on “Mindil Beach sunset

  1. Beautiful shot of the sunset James. 👍👍
    Good to read that you are enjoying it up there.

    1. Hard to take a bad picture here. Interestingly, a long-term friend (who I’ve known since university in the 1980s) is moving back to Darwin in October. It’s going to be quite a contrast.

  2. The niaeve me in 2005 said to our public bus driver, I think I’ll know when we arrive at Mindel Markets but can you make sure please that we get off at the correct stop. He replied, don’t worry. You will know. Sure enough. Everyone left the bus at that stop.

    The sunset was great, as was the hi energy techno didgeridoo music.

    1. Hehehehee. Though I haven’t caught a bus yet, I still have a public transport card from my last visit. Will be interesting to see if there is still money on the card.

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