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While free-to-air television numbers are dropping dramatically to video on demand, radio listening numbers are still solid. People still wake up every morning and prefer the radio over TV.

Stations focused on music are struggling, as people get more personalised offerings from places like Spotify.

But radio stations who speak to you about what happened overnight, and speak to you personally are doing still very well in terms of overall numbers listening.

What has changed is people are listening for less time overall, getting lots of the information they would traditionally have received from the radio – news, weather, traffic – from other sources. What continues to connect people is the intimacy of a single voice speaking to you, getting right inside your head.

Despite the fact people still listen to the radio, I reflected tonight that nobody seems to sing about the radio, as they once did. Or maybe I’m not as up-to-date with musical trends.

With that in mind, I’ve collected some of my favourite songs about listening to the radio. Please suggest any others I might have missed.

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  1. Good selection James.
    Here’s one of my favourites:
    Yesterday Once More – Carpenters
    Karen is one of, if not the best, pop vocalists of all time – IMO.
    Oh, and another one:
    Angie Baby – Helen Reddy
    I’m showing my age with these two. 😉

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