Sydney Streets in Surry Hills

“I wish there was more live music”, someone said over lunch today. A group of us were at the Carrington Hotel, a pub on Bourke Street, Surry Hills. I had the prawn linguine and it was excellent, by the way, though there was maybe a little too much chilli.

We were chatting about today’s “Sydney Streets” event, the second such event in Surry Hills.

The first such event, back in February was a welcome surprise after the months of lockdown.

Local butcher, Ardi.

Due to COVID and other factors, it sounds like the “Surry Hills Festival” (put on by the Neighbourhood Centre) has gone into a lengthy pause, and probably won’t return. But “Sydney Streets” (put on by the City of Sydney) has emerged on the scene, and it’s a great initiative.

Even though there were a few DJs, I agree that it would be good to have a few more live performers.

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