Sydney Sights

I noticed there was a lengthy queue outside Messina, on Crown Street, Surry Hills today.

I had just been to the post office and was looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat. Despite my hunger, I stopped to take a photograph.

In Sydney, if there’s a queue, it must be good. On weekend evenings, you’ll often see a queue but never like this one. And never on a Wednesday, and never at lunchtime. I was intrigued.

80 people queuing for ice cream at lunchtime on Wednesday in Surry Hills

Later, when the queue disappeared, I called in and asked the people behind the counter. I was told a local employer regularly takes their staff out for ice cream on Wednesdays. 80 people in total. Obviously, a very generous employer.

Tempted, I grabbed an ice cream too.

It was a nice treat, having woken up this morning at stupid-o’clock.

Do you know how sometimes you wake in the middle of the night, due to a weird dream? My dream involved two unknown naked men in my house. As if. Make of it what you will.

It was enough of a surprise to wake me up, and make me decide, “OK, it’s 4.00 am, but I’m awake for the day”.

I watched a bit of the soccer – Spain v Morocco – and then decided I would head down for the sunrise at Circular Quay.

Though I’m not a fan of cruise ships, I like getting up early and looking at them.

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