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  • School Reunion Planning

    School Reunion Planning

    It’s Sunday afternoon and I think I’m still getting over last night. We had a planning afternoon/evening for our School Reunion which involved a fair amount to eat and a fair amount to drink.… Read the rest

  • Sunday Afternoon

    It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m at work, just doing a few things here and there: some of it work-related, some of it personal. Unfortunately, I’m still burping garlic from today’s lunch: those yummy steemed pork dumplings from the Burlington Centre which I called into after doing my fresh produce shopping at Paddy’s Markets.… Read the rest

  • Muftee Cabaret

    Muf-Tee’s director, Les Solomon, has created a chat show with Hayden Tee as the host and the musical director, Nigel Ubrihien, as his sparring partner. By having a couple of cabaret-performing guests each week, they have a format which – like its small-screen counterparts – can constantly reinvent itself.Read the rest

  • Feeling Sick

    It’s the early hours of Wednesday morning. I came home from work tonight not feeling well. I am thinking that maybe it was something in the building, as a lot of people at work today mentioned they didn’t feel well.… Read the rest

  • Pam Ayres

    Oh I’m sitting here all by myself, I watch the telephone, I can’t believe it’s Sat’day night and I am all alone. But just last night when I was not, My heart it went a flutter, Could it have been a heart attack from eating too much butter?

    Read the rest

  • Walking Around Sydney

    It’s half way through the night – Saturday night/Sunday morning – and I have just woken up, inspired to relate a few tales from my otherwise boring life! Aside from New Year’s Eve and a computer failure, the only exciting thing that’s happened in my life is a new found interest in fitness and health – walking and eating properly – although I swear it has nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions.… Read the rest