Feeling Sick

It’s the early hours of Wednesday morning. I came home from work tonight not feeling well. I am thinking that maybe it was something in the building, as a lot of people at work today mentioned they didn’t feel well. Perhaps it’s Legionnaire’s Disease? Perhaps it’s SARS? All I know, however, is that a couple of us didn’t feel well today, and we’re beginning to wonder if there’s something in the air conditioner. Whatever. I came home tonight, hit the couch, slept for a few hours, although I woke up to watch “The Bill” of course, and consequently I am now awake. I have made good use of the time by writing up the minutes for the art group, and working on a few things. I also chatted briefly with my online friend, David.

I enjoyed a lovely Saturday night with my friend, Richard, attending a performance by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Opera House. It’s Edo de Waarts final year with the SSO and according to their publicity blurb,

The four operas in Wagner’s Ring Cycle, performed in concert, have also been landmarks in the artistic development of the Sydney Symphony under Edo de Waart. For his final season he reassembles a stellar cast of distinguished international and Australian singers led by soprano Elizabeth Connell. She starred in each of the four Ring Cycle operas in 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2000, and will again scale the heights of Act 3 of The Valkryie, an operatic tour de force which opens with the famous Ride of the Valkyries.

It was a really enjoyable night, beautifully performed.

I spent most of Sunday procrastinating about my university of assignment. The problem was that I couldn’t really remember how to write a 2,000 word assignment, so I telephoned my friend Sue and asked her for advice.

Half way through the day, checking my home email, I was interested to read the hot news on ABBAMAIL today, which concerns a further report in the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet about Agnetha’s plans to record a new CD. According to a translation of the article by Micke Hjernestam,

The most secret recording project in Sweden is taking shape. This winter AF, 52, plans a comeback, with a pop album in English. – She thinks it’s great fun, says the ABBA-stars closest confident, Staffan Lindé. The project is surrounded by maximum secrecy. But now it’s a fact. The ABBA-star AF makes her comeback as a pop artist after 16 years of abscence from the music scene.

Actually, I was telling my boss at work today about the Agnetha CD story which, as a follower of popular music, he said was quite interesting. He also told me that, a million years ago, in his first job in Australian commercial radio, he interviewed (briefly) Bjorn and Agnetha during the 1977 tour. And get this, he was working for 2LT, a small commercial station in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney! He said he thinks he still has a copy of it at home somewhere. His greatest memory was of Agnetha’s poor English language skills. A reminder that, many years ago, the members of ABBA were not so reclusive!

Right now, I’m watching NBC Today. What is it with the news-ticker on EVERY news program these days? It’s the latest trend in television news… I wonder how long it will last. But on a positive note, I love how they’re giving the weather in Iraq before they announce, “here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods!”. Camp!

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