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  • Supernova + Stop Girl

    Supernova + Stop Girl

    “It’s was really weird in some ways, as I’ve known Sally for about thirty years”, I said to my friend as talked about the play “Stop Girl” at Belvoir Street Theatre. We had parallel careers for a while. I worked at 2WEB Bourke, and she replaced me. I moved to the ABC in Renmark, and she replaced me there, too.… Read the rest “Supernova + Stop Girl”

  • Night Out

    Night Out

    “Oh my goodness, we can book in for 9.30”, I told my friend, as we made plans for a meal AFTER seeing a play last night. Having visited New York together about eighteen months ago, with all of the lock out laws rhetoric, and with Sydney’s stupidly restrictive restaurant trading laws, I was convinced our only option was going to be pide on Cleveland Street, but yes, we managed to book a table at Vini on Holt Street.… Read the rest “Night Out”

  • Radiance

    Belvoir Street Theatre has a warning in their publicity for “Radiance” that it may raise issues for people who have experienced sexual assault. “OK, a bit grim”, I thought, but I was still really keen to see the play, as I’d heard so many good things about it over so many years.… Read the rest “Radiance”

  • Glass Menagerie

    In the back of my mind, there’s a vague fragment of a slither of a memory of having seen a production of “The Glass Menagerie” about twenty-five years ago (or more likely more) at a theatre in Brisbane. La Boite Theatre, maybe? Even so, my memory doesn’t extend much beyond the image of a woman sitting at the front of the stage obsessing over her small glass figurines.… Read the rest “Glass Menagerie”