Berlin is one of my favourite cities in the world. I’ve visited Berlin on three separate occasions: first when it was divided, second when I travelled alone, and third when I travelled with a friend. Honestly, I could live there.

View from the train between Berlin and Copenhagen

Hello Copenhagen

I was awoken this morning by a text message. The truth be told, I’d heard a few messages come in throughout the night, but since I’m on holiday, and since I’m in Berlin, I hadn’t bothered to look at them.… Read the rest

East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall, Germany

Visiting Berlin

The first time I visited Berlin was in 1983. At that time, Berlin was a city divided into East & West by “Die Mauer” (“The Wall”). Sixteen years later (on my birthday), the Berlin Wall came down, and Germany was re-united.… Read the rest

Lord Mayor of Berlin reception at Radio Days Europe

Radio Days Europe 2013 – Day 1

There was a terrific response in the room to the talk given by fellow Australian, Sam Cavanagh. Sam is the Executive Producer of the Hamish & Andy Show. At the heart of his talk was an idea around how the program team treated their audience.… Read the rest