Danish Duck

Earlier in the year, during Sydney Festival, you may recall there was a “giant rubber duck” in Sydney. As with the snails which are currently part of “Art & About” festival, it was one of those great public art projects which captured Sydney’s imagination, able to transcend generations and inspire child-like wonder in us all.

Unbeknownst, a few months later, while visiting Denmark, a lovely woman we stayed with called Marian, gave both Sue and I a much smaller rubber duck of our own, as a souvenir of our time staying with her.… Read the rest “Danish Duck”

Thirty Six Hours in Copenhagen

As I sat at the bar and listened closely to the pre-recorded music playing softly in the background, I recognised the tune instantly. It was Two Little Boys” made famous by Rolf Harris, except this version was in Danish.

Having arrived from Reykjavik an hour or so earlier, I was sitting quietly by myself, enjoying a beer at what I’ve previously described as possibly the best bar in the whole world. The reason I like it so much is that it has “character”.… Read the rest “Thirty Six Hours in Copenhagen”

From Amsterdam to Reykjavik

I wasn’t entirely sure why the train trip from Amsterdam to Copenhagen would take fifteen hours. Leaving at 7.00 pm on Sunday night and arriving at 10.00 am Monday seemed like an awfully slow train. I booked it because it was the easiest, cheapest way for me to get from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. Yes, I know I could probably have found a cheap airline ticket. But sometimes, you just want to avoid the hassle of baggage limits, leaving and arriving at odd hours at airports in the middle of nowhere.… Read the rest “From Amsterdam to Reykjavik”

Sunday in Copenhagen

The barmaid received a spontaneous round of applause for the way in which she handled the “trouble-makers” seated in the corner. Neither Sue nor I could work out what was going on. As they took their seats at the corner table, it was pretty evident they’d already had a fair bit to drink. But with the exception of Sue and I, so had everyone else in the bar!

Our attention was more focused on the nearby “cougar” and her potential younger “suitor” for the evening.… Read the rest “Sunday in Copenhagen”

Saturday in Copenhagen

The Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-1945 is surprisingly good. We went along expecting something quite small. I think our expectation was based on some publicity we had read which indicated the museum tour (in English) was less than an hour. In the end, I think we spent well over an hour there, and could have spent even more time visiting.

The museum documents the lead up to the occupation of Denmark by the Nazis, explains some of what happened while they were here, and also covers much of the resistance story.… Read the rest “Saturday in Copenhagen”