• Two Choices

    Two Choices

    As I sat at the cafe at Mudjimba this morning I faced one of the recurrent “first world” dilemmas in my life: what should I eat last. Should I finish on the bacon or the haloumi? Both tasted great, but which should be the last thing I tasted?

    Haloumi and Bacon
    Haloumi and Bacon

    I’ve been doing this ever since childhood.… Read the rest “Two Choices”

  • Gympie Muster – Day 2

    Gympie Muster – Day 2

    It’s been another long day at the Gympie Muster, starting with breakfast, and arriving home at about 10.45 tonight.

    It wasn’t my usual weekday breakfast. As we watched a bluegrass band play, we chowed down on sausages, bacon, beans, hash-browns and… Milo. Yes, Milo! I haven’t had a Milo since it was a childhood favourite, and so when I saw it on the menu, I couldn’t resist it.… Read the rest “Gympie Muster – Day 2”

  • Gympie Muster – Day 1

    Gympie Muster – Day 1

    If you’re not a “morning person” (which I’m not) there’s nothing like the adrenalin rush of getting to an airport for an early flight. Having missed a morning flight years ago, and having almost missed my big trip to Europe a couple of years ago, I’ve become completely paranoid about morning flights, and normally only book afternoon flights these days.… Read the rest “Gympie Muster – Day 1”