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  • Sydney and Central Australia

    Sydney and Central Australia

    There are two really wonderful exhibitions currently on display: one featuring art from Central Australia, the other focusing on homelessness in Sydney. Although I quite enjoyed the one about homelessness, it was a new art exhibition which really excited me the most.… Read the rest

  • Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery

    Sue and I enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at Boomali Aboriginal Art Gallery.

    The current exhibition is on there until February.

    Both Sue and I really liked a couple of works, which might turn out to be our Christmas presents to ourselves.… Read the rest

  • Preparing for the Sunday night Red Eye

    Preparing for the Sunday night Red Eye

    It’s Sunday evening. It’s been a warm day in Perth. I’m sitting on the balcony of the hotel I’ve been staying in. I hope the people on the cruise boat down below don’t mind that I’m sitting here, wearing just shorts, and sipping on a glass of wine.… Read the rest

  • Untold Stories

    I went to the launch tonight of NAIDOC Week at the ABC.

    As well as the fantastic pop up radio station (now in its fifth year), there was the launch of “Untold Stories“, a series which runs on radio and television, which profiles important Indigenous figures whose names might not be so well known.… Read the rest

  • 88 Documentary

    Thought I’d give a mention to a documentary my friend, Michaela Perske has produced and co-written called “88”.

    The documentary goes back to 1988, the year of the Australian Bicentenary, and tells the story of some of the many thousands of Indigenous people who travelled from all over Australia to join in protests on January 26.… Read the rest

  • Boyers and Bitches

    Boyers and Bitches

    There was a real moment of history being in the audience for the speech delivered by the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, as part of The Boyer Lecture Series.

    In the midst of a speech about celebrating the diversity of Australian life, the two most news-worthy (and much quoted comments) concerned her (hinted) support for same-sex marriage, and her low-key support for the transition of Australian from Constitutional Monarchy to Republic.… Read the rest