Extreme Iceland

There was a point half way through the day when I couldn’t stop giggling. Along with the rest of the tour group, I was standing on a beach on the south east coast of Iceland. We were all very cold and it was snowing. The on-line brochure and accompanying research I’d done before-hand suggested clear blue skies as a backdrop to viewing a series of large basalt structures in the ocean. As we stood there, peering out through the snow, and desperately trying not to fall over (due to the wind gusts), I kept thinking how wonderfully ridiculous it all was.… Read the rest “Extreme Iceland”

Glacial Silence

“It’s so incredibly silent”, a fellow traveller said to me as we stood together, as part of a group of fourteen on a two-day bus tour of Southern Iceland. “Sometimes”, I replied with a smile, a reference to the constant chatter from many in the group. She smiled back. “We are standing on a bloody glacier, and all you lot can do is chatter”, I thought to myself. I guess it’s one of the compromises you have to make in going on a group tour: the fact that other people on the tour will probably annoy the crap out of you.… Read the rest “Glacial Silence”