Riga, Brussels and Prague

So which airport would you like me to describe first? Today, I’ve visited three different airports in three different countries: Latvia, Belgium and now the Czech Republic. And although it sounds like a bit of a drag – all in the name of a cheap airfare – it was actually loads of fun. My first […]

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Food, Service and the Soviets

Do you think it’s wrong to tip a waiter just because they’re cute? I struggled briefly with this moral dilemma today as I had a late lunch. On the one hand, it disadvantages the less attractive waiters, but on the other hand, a cute waiter often adds to the enjoyment of the experience. In the […]

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Contains Nudity

I woke early this morning with a determination to do some sightseeing. I’d done my research, the weather was looking good, and I was looking forward to seeing more of Riga and a little of neighbouring Jurmala. My research had told me that when Latvia was part of the Soviet Union, the town Jumarla was […]

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