Paris Wins

Although a number of friends argued I should have just caught the train between London and Paris, I’m glad I flew. Although the weather was shitty when I left London, things improved pretty quickly, and I was lucky enough to have great views of the White Cliffs of Dover, and then flying into CDG Airport, to see the French countryside.… Read the rest

Duckie in London

Hello Duckie

It’s just a day of travelling for me. I’ve got to catch a flight between London and Paris, and when I arrive I’m being picked up by my friend David.

Getting to Luton today has been a bit of an exercise.… Read the rest

Groovy little bar in London called The Hoxton Pony

Australian, not Irish

“That’s an Irish name, isn’t it?”. the English bloke guiding the check-in queue at Berlin-Tegel Airport said to me this morning, adding “When was the last time you were in the UK?”.… Read the rest