Long Weekend

Though many people like to go away for long weekends, I’m far more inclined to be a home-body. It’s quiet and relaxed. And so, I’m starting the third day of the Queen’s Birthday Weekend with nothing much planned, aside from a very vague idea I’ll go for a swim, and maybe engage in some more “binge television”.

The weekend started on Friday night watching a couple of episodes of the new “Tales Of The City” on Netflix.… Read the rest “Long Weekend”

Four Day Weekend

Even though it’s Monday, the fourth day of a long weekend, I’m still doing some of my Sunday “ritual”, such as catching up on my homework for Swedish class, and doing my clothes washing for the week ahead.

I remembwer vividly, when I first moved to Sydney, I had a fairly aged washing machine. It was one of those machines which got into a bit a frenzy on the spin mode. It would literally “walk across the floor”.… Read the rest “Four Day Weekend”

Long Weekend

“Your dog is so cute. Do you mind if I take a photograph?”, I asked the group of three women, waiting for a bus on Oxford Street. “No worries”, they said, as they helped to coax the reluctant hound from allowing me to take the shot.

There was a lovely “long weekend” feel about the place, as I went for a lengthy walk from Surry Hills to Circular Quay. Along the way, armed only with my smartphone, I snapped a few photographs, some of which are shared below.

Long Weekend

There’s an app on my phone which tells me how many steps I walk each day. Sure, there’s a margin of error, as it relies on me actually having my phone on me every day. But the margin of error is low, as I actually do have my phone with me most days.

The app tells me that I generally walk about the “required” 10,000 steps most days, but that it sometimes falls below that, and often increases well above that.… Read the rest “Long Weekend”