Long Weekend

I had a long weekend. I took some seriously good drugs and I didn’t go to work. The drugs were, in order, Cephalexin, Panadol and, best of all, Voltaren Rapid. Oh my goodness, that has got to be the best drug ever.

The pain relief was necessary to deal with the sebaceous cyst I have on my back. Well, I’ve had it for several years actually. A white lump of puss or something gross, wrapped up in a little sack is how it’s generally described on the internet.

The advice from doctors throughout the years has always been, “you could get it removed if you want, or not worry about it, unless, of course, it becomes infected”. Well, guess what? In the last week or so, it has become infected, and I’ve been in a state of discomfort since about last Wednesday, and in quite serious pain since last Friday.

On Saturday morning I went to my local doctor whose reaction was simple and straightforward. “Shit”, he said, “we’ll have to get you to a surgeon”. It gets complicated, apparently, because it’s close to my spine. He quickly booked me in to see a surgeon on Wednesday for an initial consultation, ahead of surgery. He also prescribed a dose of antibiotics.

I woke this morning still in a fair bit of pain, but decided to head into work anyway. About half way to work I decided I would stop trying to be a martyr, and so went back to the doctor who prescribed some serious pain relief.

Voltaren - The Wonder Drug
Voltaren – The Wonder Drug

I slept most of the day, which is understandable given the standard of daytime television. Oh my goodness, how bad is it? Thank goodness for Joe O’Brien and the team from ABC News 24 who kept me entertained and informed.

By late afternoon the drugs had well and truly kicked in, and so I decided to go ahead with my plan to meet Colin to see the movie, “Weekend” showing at The Chauvel.

Scene from Weekend
Scene from Weekend

In short, it’s a film about two blokes who meet at a club, come home, have sex, and spend a really intimate weekend together. By intimate, I don’t just mean in a sexual manner. I mean they really start to get to know each other, and maybe even fall a little bit in love.

One of them, however, declares emphatically he doesn’t want a relationship (possibly due to a broken heart, though he won’t admit it), while the other probably finds falling in love difficult because he doesn’t really feel all that comfortable in his skin about being gay. (I’m guy #1).

It’s an English film, so it doesn’t get caught up in the sentimentality you might expect from a film from the United States for example. It’s also genuinely funny in parts and a few of the lines from the film genuinely gave me a few laughs. The two actors who play the lead characters are both believable. They’re also both very cute, with one bearing a resemblance to Marcus Graham. I think I’d like to see it again when it comes out on DVD.

Meanwhile, I’m back at home in a drug-induced haze :)

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  1. Bit hard to do to your own back, but you should have just pierced it and squeezed the muck out, or got someone to do it for you. Antibiotics clear them up quickly enough though.

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