Long Weekend

There’s an app on my phone which tells me how many steps I walk each day. Sure, there’s a margin of error, as it relies on me actually having my phone on me every day. But the margin of error is low, as I actually do have my phone with me most days.

The app tells me that I generally walk about the “required” 10,000 steps most days, but that it sometimes falls below that, and often increases well above that. During my travels in July and August, the number of daily steps has increased dramatically. But since arriving back, I’ve turned into a bit of a lard arse.

That’s been particularly the case this weekend. I’ve been a sloth. The combination of post-holiday blues, daylight saving, and a long weekend, has meant I’ve spent large parts of the weekend doing nothing much at all. I’ve slept, I’ve watched TV, I’ve rested, and I’ve gone out for lunch/dinner.

And today I’ve gone walking with my friend Sue. We visited Art & About’s Australian Life, we walked through the Botanic Gardens, and around Barangaroo. I felt awfully proud that I’d made about 13,000 steps throughout the day. And then of course I ruined it all by having a beer on the way home. Nonetheless, I’m feeling virtuous that I didn’t spend the entire long weekend as a sloth.

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