Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #7 : Petra Mede

Following on from yesterday’s awesome half-time moment from when Norway hosted Eurovision comes another awesome half-time moment. This time it’s from Sweden, and it’s one of two (or maybe three) moments I’ll post featuring the awesome Petra Mede.

Petra is a Swedish comedian, performer, television presenter etc. She’s super-talented, super-funny, and IMHO has been the best host of both Melodifestivalen and Eurovision in recent memory. In particular, I love the way she takes the piss out of both contests, while also paying respect.… Read the rest “Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #7 : Petra Mede”

Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #6 : Half Time Act from Norway

The half time act in Eurovision can often be quite boring. Riverdance from Ireland set the standard, prompting a global phenomenon. When Norway came to host Eurovision in 2010, they were already behind the curve with “flashmobs”, but they did an awesome job “uniting Europe”. I wanted to be there with them.

As part of these “moments”, I’m sharing in the lead-up to Eurovision, I’ll be highlighting two other exemplary interval acts. Both of them are from Sweden.… Read the rest “Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #6 : Half Time Act from Norway”

Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #5 : Shirley Clamp

There are so many occasions when Shirley Clamp SHOULD have been Sweden’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Of all the times she’s entered, this is probably my favourite.

Min kärlek (Aha)
Ska brinna (Aha)
Så klar som en stjärna i natten
Min kärlek (Aha)
Ska finna (Aha)
Sin väg i det djupaste vatten
Min kärlek till dig
(Min kärlek, min kärlek)

My love (Aha)
Shall burn (aha)
As clear as a star in the night
My love (Aha)
Shall find (aha)
Its way in the deepest water
My love for you
(My love, my love)

I’ve seen her perform a few times, including at Stockholm Pride, and in the close-up of her feet, at (the sadly now closed) Paradise nightclub.… Read the rest “Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #5 : Shirley Clamp”

Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #4 : Nanne Grönvall

In 2005, in controversial circumstances, Sweden chose Martin Stenmarck with his song “Las Vegas” (which I liked a lot) over Nanne Grönvall with her song “Håll om mig” (which I liked a lot more). Nanne had the popular vote (chosen by viewers), but was trumped by Martin who had the jury vote (chosen by a group of experts). There was a public outcry over the result, and the rules surrounding Melodifestivalen have since changed.

Nanne is a fantastic performer who I’ve seen perform on a few occasions and actually met once at a shopping centre performance in Stockholm.… Read the rest “Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #4 : Nanne Grönvall”