Pub crawl through Newtown

Despite the lack of initial planning, Saturday unfolded into an unexpected “pub crawl” adventure.

Originally, my agenda included a lunchtime workshop at Surry Hills Library, organised by friends, followed by an event hosted by the 4A Art Gallery. Still recuperating from my operation, I find daytime naps essential for my recovery, typically lasting five minutes. This time, though, my brief rest in bed stretched into a couple of hours. On waking, I messaged my friends to convey my apologies, and they later shared the success of the workshop, bringing some relief.… Read the rest “Pub crawl through Newtown”

Concerned Citizen of Newtown

Earlier today I wrote a letter to my local member of the NSW Parliament, the Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, telling him…

Hi Alex
I just want to put on the record my concerns about the boundaries for the new seat of Newtown, which I discovered this week I’ll be voting in at the forthcoming election.

I was overseas for a number of months in 2013 during the consultation period, and so missed an opportunity to raise my concerns.

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Should Be In Sydney

As I sat and waited to meet Sandra and Robert ahead of the Valborg celebration last night in Stockholm, I picked up a copy of the Swedish gay newspaper, QX. It’s a magazine I read from time to time, as it usually has a fair bit of Swedish music news. For example, this month’s edition features a track-by-track review of the new album by ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog. But what excited me most was noticing the big article on Newtown.… Read the rest “Should Be In Sydney”

Same, But Different

“I’m sorry, I have absolutely no idea who you are…” is the kind of phrase you never really want to hear. especially when it’s delivered by someone you’ve known for over twenty years.

I was wandering home on Friday night, having spent the evening with a friend at the newly re-opened Newtown Hotel. And just metres from home I saw a very attractive tall blonde woman standing outside a Surry Hills restaurant and speaking on the phone.… Read the rest “Same, But Different”

Flying the flag

As my mate and I sat at the Newtown Hotel tonight we pondered for a while the pub’s sexual orientation. For years it had been a legendary “gay” pub run by the very famous/infamous lesbian, Dawn O’Donnell. It was a fun pub that you could hang out with your mates and have a laugh. For example, memorably, at the end of 2006/beginning of 2007, the pub ran a uni-sex amateur striptease competition. Aside from one occasion where an older female stripper showed a little more than the young men in the front row would have liked, it was a fun, joyous competition that pretty much summed up the pub.… Read the rest “Flying the flag”