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  • Concerned Citizen of Newtown

    Earlier today I wrote a letter to my local member of the NSW Parliament, the Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, telling him…

    Hi Alex
    I just want to put on the record my concerns about the boundaries for the new seat of Newtown, which I discovered this week I’ll be voting in at the forthcoming election.

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  • Should Be In Sydney

    Should Be In Sydney

    As I sat and waited to meet Sandra and Robert ahead of the Valborg celebration last night in Stockholm, I picked up a copy of the Swedish gay newspaper, QX. It’s a magazine I read from time to time, as it usually has a fair bit of Swedish music news. For example, this month’s edition features a track-by-track review of the new album by ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog.… Read the rest “Should Be In Sydney”

  • Same, But Different

    Same, But Different

    “I’m sorry, I have absolutely no idea who you are…” is the kind of phrase you never really want to hear. especially when it’s delivered by someone you’ve known for over twenty years.

    I was wandering home on Friday night, having spent the evening with a friend at the newly re-opened Newtown Hotel.… Read the rest “Same, But Different”

  • Flying the flag

    Flying the flag

    As my mate and I sat at the Newtown Hotel tonight we pondered for a while the pub’s sexual orientation. For years it had been a legendary “gay” pub run by the very famous/infamous lesbian, Dawn O’Donnell. It was a fun pub that you could hang out with your mates and have a laugh.… Read the rest “Flying the flag”

  • Newtown


    Going to Newtown is always a bit of an adventure for me. Although it’s only a short distance away, and I know people who live in the area, Newtown has never been at the top of my list of destinations.

    I mean, I really like Newtown and I’ve toyed from time to time with living there.… Read the rest “Newtown”

  • Of Course They Do

    I went to farewell drinks for a mate from work tonight. It was the quintessential Newtown experience: drinks at the Court House and karaoke at Kelly’s On King.

    As we approached KOK, I couldn’t resist snapping a photograph of this sign.

    “It’s Newtown, of course they do nose piercing”, I thought to myself.… Read the rest “Of Course They Do”