Pub crawl through Newtown

Despite the lack of initial planning, Saturday unfolded into an unexpected “pub crawl” adventure.

Originally, my agenda included a lunchtime workshop at Surry Hills Library, organised by friends, followed by an event hosted by the 4A Art Gallery. Still recuperating from my operation, I find daytime naps essential for my recovery, typically lasting five minutes. This time, though, my brief rest in bed stretched into a couple of hours. On waking, I messaged my friends to convey my apologies, and they later shared the success of the workshop, bringing some relief.

Later in the afternoon, I hopped on a bus to Sydney University for the 4A Art Gallery event, known for showcasing contemporary art, primarily by Australians with an Asian heritage. Expressing my enthusiasm for the gallery, I shared with my friends that I’ve acquired a few art pieces from there.

Upon arrival, it became apparent that I had overlooked the details, as the sole art form exhibited was a video projection, and the main attraction was a lineup of youthful DJs. Despite being old enough to be parents to the majority present, we didn’t feel out of place. “This has a late ’90s/early 2000s vibe,” remarked one friend, as the event featured enough music samples from our youth to evoke a sense of nostalgia in the midst of contempoary beats.

DJ in chain mail, for Club 4A

After a couple of hours, we made our way to Newtown, securing window seats at both The Newtown and The Coopers pubs, enhancing the experience on the delightful afternoon. Engaged in conversation, we relished observing the lively crowd strolling along King Street.

Climbing the rainbow staircase at The Coopers Hotel, Newtown.

As the evening progressed with a few beers and wines, fatigue set in once again, prompting my return to Surry Hills. And no, it wasn’t because I got legless!

The post-COVID lockdown era and numerous renovations brought a pleasant surprise—the renowned Turkish restaurant, Erciyes on Cleveland Street, had reopened. Ericyes is the location where many people have grabbed late night kebabs, Turkish sweets, or have enjoyed a meal. My particular favourite there, over the years, has been the Egg Penirli.

Erciyes Turkish Restaurant, Cleveland Street

Though I still have a LONG WAY TO GO in my recovery, I feel like, slowly, life is returning to some kind of normality.

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