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Fresh made bread

Our Daily Bread

I don’t think I’ll ever eat white bread again. As much as I’ve read about it, and as much as I know instinctively it’s not a good idea to consume highly processed food, I still eat white bread on a daily basis for two simple reasons: white bread freezes and toasts well.… Read the rest

New Approaches for Tomorrow’s Audiences

Today I was privileged to be asked to be a guest panellist on the opening session of the conference, “Radio Days Jo’burg”.It’s an annual conference held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg The panel also consisted of Siphelele Sixaso (Head of Marketing at the SABC) and radio presenter, manager, Idol judge and South African music legend, Randall Abrahams (both lovely blokes).… Read the rest

Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg

Lots To Talk About

In contrast to the last couple of days, I never wandered very far today from the place where I’m staying at Meville, Johannesburg.

After breakfast, I stayed indoors, spending most of the morning in preparation for my presentations at the Radio Days Jo’burg Conference, being held at Wits University Radio Academy over the next few days.… Read the rest

Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg

Apartheid Museum, Jo’burg

“You see that building in front of us?”, the taxi driver said to me. As I looked ahead at the large, non-descript building, he told me, “It was a prison and during the days of apartheid, they used to keep political prisoners in there.… Read the rest

Sophiatown Bar, Johannesburg

Hello Johannesburg

There’s a sign on the wall of the Sophiatown Bar which tells you a little about the history of the area of Johannesburg where I’m staying. The sign tells you Sophiatown was one of the few places in South Africa where blacks were allowed to own land.… Read the rest