Resistant Obsolescence at Lismore Art Gallery

I paid a visit today to the Lismore Regional Art Gallery today, where the current exhibition’s called “Resistant Obsolescence”. The exhibition features a series of works created with “found” obsolete technology.

Resistant Obsolescence at Lismore Art Gallery
Resistant Obsolescence at Lismore Art Gallery

Turntables, cassette tapes, floppy discs and other objects have been created into new artworks: some resemble the technology they’ve been created with; others have been used to create something new and unique, including the creation of some soundscapes.… Read the rest “Resistant Obsolescence at Lismore Art Gallery”

Hipster Heaven

My draw dropped (literally) when I saw these shelves of goods for sale at a convenience store on Sydney’s George Street tonight.

Video tapes, fax rolls, cassette tapes and unfortunately I took the photograph so quickly, I missed including the 5.25″ floppy discs on the shelf above. There are even some items on the shelf which are so “old” I’ve forgotten what they’re called.… Read the rest “Hipster Heaven”

My Latest Purchase

A few weeks back I imagined myself in some dodgy internet cafe in Stockholm. I imagined myself walking around the backstreets of Gamla Stan, trying to find somewhere to check email, write blog posts, and very importantly, back up my photographs. And then I thought about the prospect of having to type the hand-written notes I’d scribbled on a piece of paper the night before, and generally wasting a lot of time when I could be out in the Swedish summertime enjoying myself.… Read the rest “My Latest Purchase”