Resistant Obsolescence at Lismore Art Gallery

Resistant Obsolescence at Lismore Art Gallery

I paid a visit today to the Lismore Regional Art Gallery today, where the current exhibition’s called “Resistant Obsolescence”. The exhibition features a series of works created with “found” obsolete technology. Turntables, cassette tapes, floppy discs and other objects have been created into new artworks: some resemble the technology

Hipster Heaven

My draw dropped (literally) when I saw these shelves of goods for sale at a convenience store on Sydney’s George Street tonight. Video tapes, fax rolls, cassette tapes and unfortunately I took the photograph so quickly, I missed including the 5.25″ floppy discs on the shelf above. There are

My Latest Purchase

A few weeks back I imagined myself in some dodgy internet cafe in Stockholm. I imagined myself walking around the backstreets of Gamla Stan, trying to find somewhere to check email, write blog posts, and very importantly, back up my photographs. And then I thought about the prospect of