Leaving Soon

It’s Monday night. I still haven’t packed, I still haven’t organised the house, but I’m getting there. working slowly doing what I need to do, and stopping from time to time to watch “Big Brother”, and, since I have just moved the computer, I thought I’d pop online briefly to check my mail etc.

It’s been a weird day. Pat called me early this morning to tell me there have been complications with Michelle’s baby. Lachlan was born at 9.20 last night, but because of complications with the umbilical chord, the birth was an emergency caesarian. He had to be taken to Brisbane via helicopter, and Michelle followed in the ambulance. Michelle is okay, but there are some concerns about the little boy. Earlier today he had a 50/50 chance of surviving, but that seems to have improved. Concern about the possibility of brain damage remains. Please say a prayer for him.

My friend, Yvette, has just come over with a bottle of wine and some Thai. She looks stunning in her new suit and is watching “The Secret Life Of Us”, which of course, I won’t be able to watch in Darwin, because Channel 10 doesn’t broadcast there. According to Yvette, “Gabby decided not to shag ugly old ‘comb-over’. New flatmate to fill the gap of Will who has crossed over into film. Deb Mailman was just doona dancing with boyfriend”.

I leave for Darwin tomorrow night at 7.30pm and arrive at about 11.00pm local time. I have been booked into a Serviced Apartment. I spoke today with Penny and with my niece, Julie, who lives there. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’m spending the next 6 weeks in the Northern Territory.

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