Lots Of Booze

It’s late Friday night and I’m taking it easy after a busy few days. On Wednesday morning, I flew to Melbourne for the day. Things didn’t really get off to a good start, though, as I arrived at the airport only to discover my return flight had been changed to Wednesday morning and not my departure flight. It’s just as well I arrived early, as it took about half-an-hour to fix up the mess created by that error in the Qantas Flight Centre. The woman on the counter confided to me, “We have a new computer system and no one knows how to use it!”. I said, “I really don’t think you should be telling that to a journalist!”.

I stayed overnight with Sue which was great. She joined me at the pub after work and came out for dinner with some of my work colleagues. We had a great old gossip, a few drinks, and I slept soundly… and for a long time. The following morning I arrived at the airport just as the flight was closing.

Work that day went well. Later in the afternoon, a few workmates and I went for a wander into town and had a look at Federation Square. The project, which began construction in 1996, has cost about $15 million to build. It’s visually quite arresting. With all that metal and glass, it was also very hot wandering around. There are some good visual arts galleries and SBS, as the first tenant, has scored a great location in view of the public.

Last night I went out for dinner with Damien to celebrate my birthday. I will be 37 years old in a matter of hours. Damo suggested the restaurant at the Westin Hotel. The Westin is located in the former GPO Building in Martin Place and has been beautifully fitted out. The food was excellent and we had a really great time together. Curiously enough, each table had a fresh Granny Smith apple placed on it. We’re not sure why. It didn’t look that great, it didn’t even fit in with a particular theme. It was just a Granny Smith apple on a plate. Go figure.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on spending a few hours at the cricket (NSW v TAS), and then Colin has invited me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. On Sunday, I’ve been invited to a BBQ. I also have an assignment to do. A busy weekend… I must get around to tidying the house!

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