Growing Up

It’s Saturday night and I’m doing what I always do on Saturday nights… watching “The Bill” and playing around on the web. I don’t think I’m in a rut, by maybe I am. Maybe I need to make a New Year’s resolution to stop staying home on Saturday night, to video-tape “The Bill” and to make an effort to go out and do something?

Friday was a relatively quiet day at work, as we were broadcasting the cricket. Nonethless, I had a few jobs to do, including some pre-records and some web-work. By 5.30pm, however, it was time to go for yet another “Christmas Drinks” with James, Jen and a few other people from work. We got into a reasonably interesting discussion with a guy who is an ethicisit and a guy who is a philosopher about the nature of addiction. As the glasses emptied on that conversation, I commented that it was time to meet the needs of my own addiction. I kept myself reasonably “nice”, until I went to the Triple J Christmas Party. Big mistake! No, actually it was fine, although I probably had a few too many drinks. Still I chatted to a few people who wouldn’t normally look twice at you at work but who wanted to have the biggest conversations of their lives with me – I’m sure they weren’t on drugs. The music was great, the drinks plentiful, and the conversation was pretty good too. Don’t remember much about getting home, except that I did have to have a little “sit down” on the way.

When I arrived home, I picked up the mail to find a great reminder of what a hedonistic, selfish life I lead. Earlier this week, I had finally decided to sponsor a child through the Christian Childrens Fund, having thought about it, but not having done anything about it for several years. It’s so hard to conceptualise that the money I piss up a wall on a regular basis can actually help someone so much more.

His name is Nureden Hussen from Ethiopia. He comes from Kebet, a small village in Guraghe Administrative region. Have just been reading about him tonight. He has siblings. Both his parents are alive and live together in a small hut. The family sustenance is depended on the father who is selling fire wood for living and the mother is a day labourer. However,what they get from the market is not enough to fulfil the family’s need satisfactorily. Considering the desperate situation of the family the committee referred this needy child to be helped. They are from Silti ethnic group. He is in preschool and he likes counting numbers and reading alphabets. Nureden is healthy and also likes playing with toys made of worn out clothes. I hope my small sacrifice can make a difference to he and his family’s life.

According to the Christian Childrens’ Fund In turning your commitment into action, CCF Australia guarantees to send 80% of all child sponsorship funds overseas for the effective planning, management and delivery of community based services to benefit children and their families. Our commitment to you ensures you that your donation is benefiting the people who need it most. Of the 80%, a proportion covers the operations of the National Office in each country, where highly qualified social workers and program officers oversee and implement activities in clean water provision, nutrition programs, health care, education and income generating skills. CCF is very careful in the selection and training of our field staff, as they represent an essential part of our ability to be accountable to our supporters. The remaining 20% covers the operations of CCF Australia, in the Sydney office, and is used for administration costs and to raise awareness of CCF’s work. 100% of the optional gift money to sponsored children is sent through CCF’s international bank channels with no administrative deductions from CCF.

Anyway… back to my reality. Although I had several things planned for the day, I did none of it. I just didn’t feel like leaving the house. Tomorrow is another day, as I’m going to see the Harry Potter movie with some friends. Tomorrow is another day. Spent a while doing some work on websites for friends.

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