It’s Wednesday morning. I’ve just had breakfast. Am half-watching Sunrise on Channel 7 and curiously enough, since I’m on holiday, I’ve been having a great night’s sleep and getting out of bed early. What’s going on?

The last few days have been relatively quiet and quite relaxing. I spent most of Monday just hanging out at home, cooking, eating, playing on the internet and watching television.

On Monday night, however, I had tickets to an advance screening of the new movie, “Love Actually” which I saw with Colin. We both thought the movie was pretty average. Despite a strong cast, the movie was let down by the plot which was virtually non-existant. In some ways it reminded me of the Blue Room: lots of short vignettes, offering only a brief insight into the lives of the characters. Although there were some good performances and some funny moments, I never actually got much of a chance to care about any of them.

I spent yesterday hanging around home, doing nothing in particular. Last night was just a television night – watching “The Bill” – before going to bed.

Today, I’ll spend some time preparing for the Palliative Care Conference I’m hosting.

I love being on holiday!

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