The week that was

It’s Saturday night and I’m watching “The Comedy Channel”. They’ve just had a terrific stand up special featuring Ellen de Generes and now it’s “The Man Show” which is an all-time classic. “The Bill” will be on shortly. But just when you thought my life was just sitting at home watching television and updating my blog, there is some good news: I’m going out to a party later on tonight.

That said, the last week has been incredibly busy, mostly with work. We’ve had some guest presenters at work (that always takes a bit of extra effort), we’re in a time of transition and, of course, we had to be especially careful in our coverage of the terrorist attacks in London.

However, there has been some socialising.

I went along to the Blogger Meetup on Tuesday night, but by the time I arrived everyone had already gone home.

And then on Thursday night, Damien and I went out for a drink at a few pubs around Central Sydney (which was heaps of fun), although it was somewhat interrupted by work phone calls due to the terrorist attacks. Curiously enough, at one pub where we were drinking, where there was demonstrated interest in having the television sound turned up, management instructed the bar staff to keep the sound down and to keep the music on.

And then today, Yvette came over late this morning and then I went to her place, along with a few others, to watch the world premiere of the short film, “Coonamble Rodeo 2005” which you can view on this page (see right hand navigation bar). We’ve resolved that our next big weekend away will be to the Wagga Wagga Picnic Races during the October Long Weekend.

In good news, the family survived the Lismore floods safe and sound, although there was a chance they might be forced to evacuate. There’s some great photographs on the ABC North Coast website. And my niece, Michelle appeared briefly on the Richard Glover drive show talking about the dilemma of staying or evacuating with a young baby.

Sorry that I haven’t had much interesting to write about of late. Work is really dominating my life. But I suspect the “work/life balance” will be resolved shortly.

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