A week is a long time.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve just been having a little lie-down on the couch. After the last week or so in which work has almost completely dominated my life, it was great just to have a few moments of thinking about nothing. That said, there have been a couple of social engagements which I’ve found very enjoyable.

Last Sunday I went to a birthday party for Colin. Just a couple of years short of his 70th, it was organised as a “practise session” for that major event. A group of ten to fifteen people, close friends from a long period of time were there. And what an interesting group of people with lots of interesting stories to tell, including someone who was a guest at the Bec & Lleyton Wedding! Colin and I also went out for dinner at RQ on Tuesday night for his birthday. RQ is a really great restaurant and the food, atmosphere and company were excellent.

One of the best things about the week was dinner with Damo on Thursday night at the Belgian Beer Cafe in “The Rocks”. The food was good and the beers were excellent. Although the beers were mostly high in alcohol content, I didn’t feel at all pissed, even if we had a drink or three.

And then on Friday night, a group of us went out for dinner to farewell a colleague who finished up on Friday. We had a great time with a very yummy dinner at the Marigold Restaurant followed by drinks at Paddy Maguires. Another colleague told me we were “spotted”… no doubt you’ll be reading about in in the newspaper tomorrow. Though if the last week’s experience is any guide, one third of the story will be correct, one third will be from unreliable sources, and one third will be made up. It’s fascinating to watch the media report – unreliably – on itself.

Nothing else to report… or at least nothing I can talk about here.

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