Ssssaturday Night

It’s Saturday night and I’m searching through the many channels that Foxtel provides. Survivor Guatemala, Jag, Midsomer Murders, Casualty, As It Happened. Yeh they’re all reasonable programs I guess, but not suited to my current mood I guess which I’m not sure how I’d best describe. It’s a warm night in Sydney, although not unbearably so and I’ve just woken up from a lengthy nap.

I had an afternoon nap in an effort to catch up from last night’s Andrew Olle Media Lecture which was enormously good fun and which you can download an mp3. It was the largest turnout we’d ever had and it was great to see a number of people I haven’t seen for quite some time and to chat. As usual, Damo and I wandered around looking for a drink while observing the politics and networking while at the same time catching up. Both the lecture and the conversations before and after were absolutely fascinating for many reasons.

Speaking of which… Wednesday was a dramatic day at work.

So afterwards a few of us went out for a couple of beers to ponder life, the universe and everything. After the beers, I met Colin. We’d arranged to see a new musical about Dracula at the Theatre Royal. A community production written by two blokes from Wollongong, the musical promised so much but delivered so little. It doesn’t matter that this wasn’t a professional production, the problem was that it was amateurish. It appeared as if no one with even a slightly critical eye had glanced over the production to make suggestions for improvement. We were part of the large group who left at intermission. 90 minutes of my life wasted. Still, it gave me something to write about it and will probably provide hours of endless dinner party conversation.

Also this week, we had another Bloggers Meeting at which everyone turned up remarkably early. We’ve all agreed to promote the meetup for next month on our websites and have decided to try the trivia night down the road, figuring that we’re all such nerds with specialist knowledge that we might actually do quite well. Mind you, it could be the information we have – cars, philosophy, country music, ABBA – may in fact be too specialised!

Other than those rather dramatic events not much to report. The next week sounds interesting, though. I’m going to yum cha tomorrow and then on Monday night, I’m going to a special screening of ABBA-The Movie, co-inciding with the launch of the CD.

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