Forty Years Ago

It’s Tuesday night and I’ve just been to the launch of the new Richard Glover book, Desperate Husbands, at Shearers Bookstore in Leichhardt. Oddly enough, I’ve just discovered today there’s two h’s in Leichhardt, which has come as quite a revelation.

The last few days have been reasonably uneventful as I’ve slept in, watched television and haven’t done very much at all. I love holidays! An example of my general malaise is that it was only at 5pm today that I heard about the terrorist raids. I’m reassured though, by the cab driver who brought me home who asked if I knew anything about these raids he’d just heard about.

My other favourite cab driver today, who took me to the book launch, I discovered was listening to Vega 953. Curious, I asked him what he listened to for music before Vega and he replied WS-FM. He was in his late 20s/early 30s. And then, when I told him why I was interested, he told me he mostly listens to 702, but turned the radio over because he thought I looked like such a cool dude that I wouldn’t like 702. He told me he thought Vega was also boring and that Rebecca and Tony had no personalities. This made me smile.

Anyway, nothing else to report except that I turn 40 tomorrow. My plans for the day include a walk around the botanic gardens, lunch with Colin, a “Swiss Cellular Treatment For Men” (bought for me 12 months ago), followed by drinks at Henry Henry. I think it will be a good fun day.

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