Chloe Dallimore

I went to see singer, actress and dancer, Chloe Dallimore do her first “cabaret” show last night at Sydney’s Statement Bar, and I guess, in all honesty, I was a little disappointed.
She’s has a beautiful voice, she can dance, and she’s gorgeously leggy in that Rhonda Burchmore kind of way, but there was a “certain something” missing from last night’s show.

There were a couple of funny stories, there were a couple of moving songs, but I can honestly say I never really laughed and I never really cried. I guess the closest I came to real emotion was her performance of “My Colouring Book”, a song made famous by both Dusty Springfield and Barbra Streisand. There was also an occasion when she spoke about her late father.
Underlying her performance, I suspect there was a degree of nervousness. I also got the impression she had rehearsed the show to within an inch of its life. The result of this was a technically brilliant show that lacked a degree of sincerity.

That said, she’s so talented that you know she can only get better. Think Rhonda Burchmore in a few years time!

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