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The decision to get an unlimited broadband account about twelve months ago was a really good one for many reasons. Yes, I admit I probably spend far too much time online, but it’s also broadened my use of the internet by allowing me to listen and watch radio and television online.

One of the problems, however, with streaming audio is that you need to sit at your computer to listen back to it. And often, the programs you want to listen to are not available as either podcasts or audio on demand. However, the recent discovery of a neat little program called Replay AV has really meant for a breakthrough. It’s like a video-recorder for online audio and video. So long as I keep my computer on (and my broadband account is active), I’m now able to record streaming audio or video in downtime, such as the middle of the night (or daytime while I’m at work) for later listening or viewing, including on an mp3 player.

Some of my favourite, reasonably obscure listening experiences now include…

Swedish Top 40: If you like Euro-pop (like I do), you’ll like Topplistan, the Swedish-language Top Forty radio program. Don’t worry about the language barrier, as about half the songs are in English. My current favourite is Carson, Hanson & Malmkvist with “C’est La Vie”, an old fashioned Swedish schlager in the Eurovision style.

Elaine Paige: If you like showtunes, like I do, you’ll also really enjoy this really great program of “show tunes” hosted by legendary musical theatre performer, Elaine Paige.

All Things Considered: If you’re a little more serious, I’d recommend a really great current affairs program from US public radio called, “All Things Considered”, featuring a good mixture of international and domestic affairs. Although I can pick it up on Newsradio in Australia, its afternoon timeslot isn’t a convenient listening time for me.

Actually, there’s a few programs on Australian radio that I’d like to listen to, but find the scheduling inconvenient (and because they contain music, they’re not available as podcasts) including Sound Quality, featuring electronica and Singers Of Renown, featuring great operatic performances.

Although I’m not a great fan of podcasts, as I think they’re often out of date and I’m an “immediate” kind of guy when it comes to radio, the program also allows you to automate the podcast downloads for those off-peak times. My current favourite podcasts include Bran, a technology podcast by three Australian journalists, which is pacey, interesting and accessible.

Anyway, I think it’s a nifty little program and would highly recommend it.

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  1. I agree with you about podcasts becoming out of date quickly, particularly News & current events type ones but I do like some of the non-time sensitive ones on The Podcast Network (run by aussie Cameron Reilly). Also enjoy some of the BBC ones – their site lets you listen to everything from the last week which is quite good.

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