Centrepoint Tower, Sydney, Australia, as viewed from Castlereagh Street.
Centrepoint Tower, Sydney, Australia, as viewed from Castlereagh Street.

As I was standing at the bus stop on Castlereagh Street earlier tonight, I looked up and saw Centrepoint Tower. And for just a moment I reflected on my life and how Centrepoint Tower is nearly always visible to me. I live in Surry Hills, I work in Ultimo. Regularly, of course, I’ll visit The Rocks, Newtown, Lewisham and Glebe. It’s very rare for me to go “over the bridge”, although that might change. Occasionally, I’ll make a visit to Bondi or Coogee. You get the drift.

I’m back at work on Monday and I guess it’s probably a little bit of restlessness associated with the end of my holiday. For the past two weeks I haven’t ventured all that far from home. I’ve been catching up with people, going out for dinner and drinks etc, and I’ve been doing LOADS of family history. But basically, throughout it all, Centrepoint Tower has still remained within sight.

Although I’d planned to go and visit Patrick in Canberra this weekend, that didn’t eventuate. Something else has come up in my life and so, at the last minute yesterday morning I decided not to go. Although it would have been fun to go away for a couple of days it’s probably best that I stay here this weekend. Yes, I know I’m being cryptic. Sorry. And don’t embarrass me by asking to me say more.

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  1. Tom Avatar

    Hope everything is going OK and the first day back at work was survivable!

  2. james Avatar

    Hi Tom, yes it was surprisingly good. No dramas, no tantrums, though I did have two people sick. Let’s see what happens on day two. James

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