Go Zach

Zach Reacts
Zach Reacts

At the risk of being entirely predictable, I’ve decided Zach is my favourite to win “Big Brother” this year. For most of the season I’ve thought of the housemates as the most boring, predictable bunch of people ever uncovered.

And then towards the end, thank goodness, the producers introduced Michelle the loud-mouthed bogan from Perth and Zach, the extremely camp, gay guy from country Victoria, via Melbourne. Were it not for these two, the show would have totally bombed this year, when you consider who else was on offer, and who else made it this far in the series.

For me, Billy is like beige carpet. He’s like one of those soap opera actors who won a “Best New Talent” Logie in the 1990s, but who no one remembers now. He’s like the guy you went to school with who never turned up to your school reunion, but you didn’t notice he wasn’t there until the next day. He’s like your cousin’s boyfriend who came to a barbecue once, and who your granny liked, but no one else did because he cheated on your cousin. And every Christmas, granny continues to say… “Whatever happened to Billy?” He’s like a pop star from the 80s who now performs occasionally at RSL Clubs.

As for Travis? Well, I kinda feel sorry for Travis since his strategy is all about winning the money for him and his family. He doesn’t appear to have a fall-back position of a modelling career, tv career etc. Surely he doesn’t think that tv ad years ago and the absence of a Steve Irwin style character is going to be enough? I suspect he has gone on the show only to win the money. Now that he is beginning to realise he won’t, that Aleisha will, he’s starting to come across as a little melancholic. Kinda sad, really.

So, I reckon either Billy or Travis is up for the chop, leaving Aleisha and Zach. Aleisha will get Billy’s votes (unless he ****s up), with Aleisha winning. I suspect the next week will focus on the friendship between Aleisha and Zach, showing them as “girlfriends” if you know what I mean.

But even though she comes across as “Australia’s sweetheart”, Aliesha also comes across as very boring. She also has a kind of smugness about her which indicates she knows her “daddy’s little girl” quality has almost guaranteed her the series.

If push came to shove, thouugh on final night, you can just imagine the look on the face of Aleisha, Billy or Travis being one of “Yeah, I deserve to win. I knew i’d win” ala Jamie last year, whereas you could imagine Zach would be honestly surprised, shocked, etc, giving us one of those classic shocked Reggie moments.

And that’s why I like Zach, because he’s REAL. As much as I’m not really into camp and girly guys, Zach is authentically like that. It’s not put on, it’s who he is. And that’s why I like Zach: while the others are playing the game, he honestly doesn’t think he has a chance, and so is just doing it “for a laugh”. And that’s what BB should be about.

Voting to evict the others will only split the vote, so I say, “go Zach”, and encourage you to send him lots of save votes.

Don’t worry if you think my brain has fried. There’s only a week of BB to go and I will then be back to serious consideration of politics, culture and human behaviour.

5 Replies to “Go Zach”

  1. I’ve been voting to save him!

    But don’t tell anyone… I’m sure if you trawled my archives you’d find examples of me being rude and scathing about people who actually vote on BB!

  2. I totally agree with you (as do the small coterie of BB watchers here).

    Zach is so gorgeous and the only one who honestly answers questions – like the one about who will win big brother… and his reactions are just heaven to watch – how cute was he on Friday night when he got to say hi to his mate… ohhhhhh.

    But having said that, I don’t mind Aliesha. She’s very together for 21 – articulate, on occasion, wise…

    Still want Zach to win – so “to save” would be my vote… if I ever crossed the line… :)

    SO HAPPY Travis and Billy went.

  3. What a shame you turned out to be correct! I hoped that Zach would win as well, becasue there didn’t seem to be any contrived aspects to him (some of them seemed to not be prepared to speak up because of potential fallout). It would have been fabulous to have had Michelle in there a bit longer, but geez, could you imagine being in there with her! I’m sure in a year or two (if BB continues) that it will be Aleisha who? Let’s hope next year, they have a glut of Zach-like personalities, with a few Michelles, Reggies and Vesnas thrown in, and a Christy clone for Friday Night Live (I still cack myself when I think about her running the zegway into the wall).

  4. I still haven’t quite recovered. To be honest, I’ve only ever liked two of the winners – Ben and Reggie. All the rest have been terrible, or a total waste of space. I think it must be like trying to name the Seven Dwarves. Who were the 7 Big Brother winners? There was dopey, sleepy…

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