Christmas Party

Icebergs Club View
Icebergs Club View

We had our “office Christmas Party” yesterday, starting off with lunch and speeches at Icebergs at Bondi. Well, not Icebergs in the commonly used sense of “flash Sydney restaurant”, more Icebergs in the less-commonly used sense of “downstairs licensed club”. But as far as “office Christmas Party” venues are concerned, it was pretty good. For a start, the views are great. Add to that, they have “normal beer prices” of $4.30 for a schooner of VB and a modestly priced RSL-style menu. Combined with a great atmosphere and a gentle ocean breeze, the general consensus was that we should immediately book the venue for next year’s Christmas Party.

After a few hours of chatting and drinking (and solving the world’s problems), a few of us ended up having a light dinner at one of those places in Sydney’s “Spanish Quarter”. The chorizo, the mushrooms, the prawns were all very tasty.

An even smaller group ended up at a city karaoke bar which looked very dodgy indeed. But wasn’t…

Remarkably, we all managed to “keep ourselves nice” and I’ve woken up this morning feeling in a great mood. As far as office Christmas Parties go, I think this one rated 9/10.

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