“How are you feeling? Are you refreshed?”, I asked my mate over a beer this afternoon. We had met in Stockholm sharing a room at a youth hostel and became besties for a few of days.

Like me, he had reached a point in his ife where he had been working hard for a long time and wasn’t entirely sure whether or not he wanted a different career. He had also gone travelling for several months on his own. A couple of years younger than me, you could hardly call his a “mid life crisis”, though in some ways it was.

As we’re both going back to our old jobs on Tuesday, I wondered how he was feeling about this. Answering my question, he replied with some certainty… “I’m not refreshed, I’m relaxed”. That’s how I feel also.

In catching up, we talked about our travel experiences, including his hillarious story of walking on the Great Wall of China where the tour guide literally disappeared for four hours. But it was also great to chat with someone with whom I’ve shared some good experiences, and have also shared some similar feelings about life. I hope we’ll maintain contact, because he’s a nice bloke.

Aside from that, it’s been a quiet day. I got up, did a few things around the house, made some lunch, had an afternoon nap and chatted tonight on the phone with the ever positive and wonderful Jacqui, my friend from my days in the Riverland.

Thursday has been a good day, I think.

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