The Beer With No Pub

I caught up with some friends tonight for a drink at Bar Cleveland. They’re living in Canberra now, but come back to Sydney fairly regularly. And tonight was a “special occasion” as their daughter has recently turned eighteen.

After dinner at a nearby favourite restaurant, The Dhaba they decided to pop across the road for her first “legal” drink. Along the way, we popped into a nearby Indian supermarket for “some supplies” to take back to Canberra. “We’re in Canberra now”, she explained when they asked about her absence.

Across the road at Bar Cleveland, it was “tumble weed territory”, as the bar was literally empty when we arrived.

Bar Cleveland, Surry Hills

Of course, you could blame the “recession” but I guessing it was the weather that kept people at home. We had a good bucketing of rain earlier tonight. Although there have been days here and there of general wetness, this was a good bucking of “Sydney rain”. The type of rain where it comes down heavily for a short period of time. The type of rain that actually makes Sydney a “wetter place than Melbourne”. In Melbourne, they have more days of precipitation than in Sydney, but when it rains here, it really rains.

When the rain came down I had actually been in another pub, The Strawberry Hills, with a colleague. We had gone there for a quick “birthday drink”, as she had been in Melbourne last weekend and therefore unable to attend my birthday drinks at The Beresford. After a couple of beers, we had a couple of cheap cocktails which were very tasty, indeed.

In the midst of all this bar talk, and pleasant catchings up with people, it was a reasonably interesting and productive day at work. Not much else to report…

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