Beer O’Clock

I had to be at work early again this morning, though thankfully I escaped the trauma of having to go again via Oxford Street at four am.

After a few hours work, I came home and had a nap for a few hours, as I needed to be back at work for much of the afternoon.

By the time five o’clock came around, however, I was hangin’ out for a beer.

Catching up with Graeme for a beer at The Crystal Palace, we compared New Year’s Eve stories. While I slept, he had a beer or two, eventually making it home in a taxi at about two o’clock in the morning.

“I had a cab driver whose wife was sitting in the front seat”, he told me.

From there, we caught a bus up Parramatta Road, getting off at the recently revised “Clarence Hotel” which was desperately quiet for a Friday afternoon/evening, we both thought.

And from there, a few more beers followed at the Lewisham Hotel.

A lengthy Friday indeed.

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