Summer Cold

I’ve spent a fair bit of the day fighting off a “summer cold”, which apparently is not a cold at all.

According to the interweb… a summer cold is…

… a popular term for hay fever. Although the symptoms of a “summer cold” may be similar to those of a real cold, the term “summer cold” is a misnomer. Unlike a real cold, it is not caused by a virus but by allergy. It is therefore also called allergic rhinitis, a runny nose due to an allergy.

I guess it’s because of all the spring cleaning I did yesterday.

Boring eh?

2 Replies to “Summer Cold”

  1. actually that’s pretty interesting to me in my line of work- I never knew westerners had the same concept…whenever people have a cold and ask me for advice…I always say, well that depends…”it depends if it’s a hot cold or a cold cold”…and then they look at me all perplexed…lol. It’s fun screwing with people’s (set) minds.

  2. As I’ve said on another post, I’m a bit of a hippie about health. I reckon your body can deal with a lot and usually heal itself… with the exception of surgery!

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