I’m in catch up mode – I went to the pub after work. That’s all, I think.

Although I did think for a moment about what I was gonna do with my “stimulus package”. This is what I wrote on Tom’s Blog.

I’m going to receive some money (because I’m actually up to date with my tax returns), so I’ve decided to spend it on something I think will actually do some good. For all the arguments to and fro, I think people should spend it with the intention its meant.

By the way, I watched the bloke from Treasury on A-pac yesterday afternoon (hey, I live an exciting life), and the bottom line was that we all need to spend as much as we can quickly, and that while long-term infrastructure projects might be a lovely idea, the economy needs a bit of an “upper” right now.

Anyway, in that spirit of helping Australia, I’m going to spend it on going home to visit my family. I figure a domestic tourism holiday to a regional destination would probably be both good for me, and good for the economy. The area in which they live has had a long-term unemployment problem, so I figure if I go home and spend a bit of money, it will be good for the economy. And it will make both myself and my family happy.

It’s a win-win situation!

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  1. Holiday with the family – I thought you’d spend it on coming to Darwin with ME!

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