I’m struggling a bit tonight with the reality of getting older. In the last week or so, it’s become apparent to me I might need an eye test, and possibly glasses. I’ve always had near perfect vision. Actually, quite exceptional vision. But in the last few months I’ve noticed a decline. Everything has become a little blurry. And when I receive a text message I need to hold the phone that little bit further away to read it. And I’m finding it increasingly difficult to read under poor light in bed at night.

I made the decision last weekend that I would go for a test, but tonight I was shown dramatically how much I really need to do something about this.

It was my usual Wednesday night at the pub. The most significant topic for conversation was the death of Graeme’s mum, for which he travelled to Adelaide last week for the funeral. On a more trivial level, I also mentioned my apparently declining eyesight. As Graeme pulled out his glasses (mostly for reading), I asked if I could try them on. And as soon as I did, I noticed suddenly that everything in the short-distance (about two feet) became clear. Graeme’s face was clear. Whereas John who was about four feet away was quite blurry.

I hope this information will be enough to enable a quick diagnosis. And I suspect the diagnosis will be that I need reading glasses. Although I’ve got private health insurance with NIB, I’ve never claimed anything. So I asked Graeme and John for some advice about what I need to do. Basically, they suggested use Medicare for an eye test, and the NIB for the glasses. As I’m not especially fashionable, I’m not looking for top-range specs, but I am looking for something physically attractice. I don’t want to look like a dork, of course.

I don’t think Graeme’s glasses particularly suited my face, so I’m on the look out for suggestions from you, dear reader. I want to look smart, but I’m not so vain that my life depends upon it. And given my propensity to lose things, I’m also not wanting to spend too much money. Hopefully, the NIB will cover everything.

You have any comments/suggestions? I don’t often ask for advice here, but this time I am as this is new and scarey territory I’m entering…

PS… I’m reminded of the line from Ronda in Muriel’s Wedding when she is diagnosed with cancer… “.I mean, it’s nothing to do with too much sex is it?” I wish!

They are not mine. They are owned by Graeme. If I am going to buy glasses, what style would you recommend?

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  1. Tom – and did I add “I don’t want to look like a complete and utter wanker?” My goal is “nerdy but also smoulderingly sexy”. Or maybe I’m expecting too much? :)

  2. Ha ha, true. Maybe some strikingly european swedish no-frames design then… you know the ones with the side pieces drilled straight into the lens with no metal or plastic around the lens?

  3. Now that i have hit my upper early 40’s, :)
    I needed to get reading glasses as well, i found that the thick frame glasses(like the ones you were wearing in the photo)were distracting.
    I always saw the frame in my side vision and it was driving me insane, so i purchased the wire frame glasses and have had no problems since.
    So i’d advise you to try lots of kinds of frames before settling on what you like.
    Good luck

  4. There are lots of groovy and funky frames around now. You’ll find something that will make you a man magnet in no time. Well, look at me – ! :)

  5. Super cheap glasses can be found at a place called Specsavers. Their range isn’t too bad either. I’m not sure how this goes with your health cover though.

  6. I’m writing this while you snore on the couch and miss all the hot business guys wearing glasses on Lateline Business! Can I suggest that you might save a lot of money in lost glasses if buy one of those glasses chains things that you wear around your neck. You are now missing to two none sexy business guys (who aren’t wearing glasses) and look a bit like Thunderbird clones!

  7. wow you sure did pretty well to get to your age without needing any! I think something bold, (maybe colour) and rectangular/angular…maybe that Danish company…actually I have no idea…but I suspect round or frameless ones could make you start to look a little grandpa-ish…

    I got my first glasses last year…go check out Budget specs in the city…they are by far the cheapest to fill presciptions…what I did was I got my frames at a more upmarket place and then they price matched the lenses with Budget specs…I saved several hundred dollars this way…no kidding!

  8. At my most recent visit to the Optometrist I asked about buying a second set of reading glasses – one for home and one for the office. He suggested that rather than pay for another set of prescription glasses, I buy a set of cheap glasses from the chemist. So my approach has been to have a good conservative set at work and then have a myriad of different frames in various locations, i.e cheap and nasty for leaving in the car (street directory) , a set in the kitchen (food labels), bedroom (DNA magazine for the articles). I also have some funkier ones for going out – a pair I bought from the Museum of Contemporary Art and a folding set that fit in my jeans (handy for reading menus in dimly lit restaurants).

  9. Most of the places that sell specs also have an in-house optometrist that tests you for free (Medicare card required). I’ve been going to the NSW Teacher’s Eyecare centre for years (they’re in Surry Hills) and they have a great range, whilst still being very affordable (they’re not for profit). You don’t have to be a teacher (obviously, I’m not) to go there either.

    And yes, I reckone the frameless glasses would look good on you!

  10. BudgetSpecs in Dymocks Building have lots of styles at good prices. Ask them for something that is fully covered by your health fund. The optometrist is next door and they’re mostly bulk billed. They took an Xray of my eyes for $24 I think. To compare it yearly.

    Anyway, it is a big thing – it is a sign that you’re not bullet proof and that you’re no longer the young thing you probably feel you are inside.

    Strange thing is that about a month after you get the glasses, you’ll forget all that and just be glad that reading and such is so much easier.

    Finally I can read Mx on the train without straining my eyes!

  11. By the way, Grant just bought me the download of ‘Disconnect Me’ by Marie from A*Teens and I’ve listened to it about 10 times on repeat.

    So wearing glasses hasn’t stopped me acting like a big overgrown teenager!

    Long live Pop Music!!!!

  12. Thanks all for the glasses advice. My conclusions are…

    * Don’t spend too much money, if anything, above what the private health insurance covers, after all they’re reading glasses and I won’t need to wear them all the time (hopefully).

    * Small frames will probably look best on my face. I need to be a little bit fashion conscious, but not over the top, but should ignore the current fashion for thick dark frames as it just won’t suit my face. Equally, I should avoid going so bland that I end up a bit grandpa-like.

    * It might be worth getting a couple of cheapie pairs from the chemist (one for work, one for home) in case I forget to take them with me, which might be an issue until I get used to them.

    * It’s probably easiest/best to go somewhere that does testing and frames.

    Thank you sincerely for your collective wisdom.

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