Hyde Park

Hyde Park at night
Hyde Park at night

As I came home tonight I wandered through Hyde Park.

I know people say you shouldn’t walk through Hyde Park at night, but I’m reasonably okay with things. My feeling is that if you’re a bit drunk you should probably avoid it, because you’re generally speaking, a little distracted. But if you’re sober, and keep your eyes about you, you’re okay.

That said, I could be completely wrong, and sorry to have given you a bum steer.

I had a lovely night attending a function in respect of the forthcoming Sydney Festival. Unfortunately I missed the same event last year due to overseas travel, but it was a good event and a welcome change from the rest of the day.

Although my job is usually quite glamorous it’s sometimes kinda boring too. It’s like any job I guess.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to stuff envelopes”, I sometimes tell colleagues. It’s something you have to do, and often it helps you put everything in perspective about how most of the world lives.

Recently though, I read a rather interesting article about work, and have been trying to see how it might apply in my own life.

According to the Founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, he tries to divide his days up according to the type of task he needs to achieve.

In his recent blog post, he talks about dividing up his tasks according to being in the zone. He mentions coding as an example of where you need to really concentrate on something.

So I’ve been experimenting with dividing up my days and weeks into the different tasks I need to do. When I need to think about creative stuff, I try to block off some time just for that. When I need to do “people stuff”, I try to get all of my “people stuff” done at once.

And when I need to stuff envelopes…

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