Matthew Robinson

I think I crossed a line tonight at The Supper Club.

You know how you can go to the movies and have a cry and that’s okay?

Same goes for theatre.

But I’m not sure you’re supposed to have a cry at a cabaret night.

Tonight, while watching and listening to Lucy Durack sing a Matthew Robinson song I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

And then for just a moment, I actually thought I might burst into tears.

It was a song I first heard Lucy perform in cabaret a few years ago at Bar Me. It’s a song about unrequited love, and desperately so, as the person singing the song also lacks a lot of self-confidence. “Maybe Friday, maybe Saturday, maybe next week” or words to that effect were sung tonight with such honesty and passion by Lucy that it hit a raw nerve with me.

Matthew Robinson at The Supper Club
Matthew Robinson at The Supper Club

Another stunning moment was a song by Margi de Ferranti, probably best known for her role in Australia in Mamma Mia. A couple of years down the track, she’s singing better than ever.

The common link to all of those who performed was the song-writing of Matthew Robinson.

Originally from Rockhampton, Matthew is the full package. He writes wonderful songs, he sings beautifully, and he’s pleasing on the eye which makes him a highly marketable performer also. He was the lead in Pippin a couple of years ago.

But best of all in my view, he writes wonderful songs that often encompass both minor and major keys, thus you have moments of sadness and moments of joy combined into one.

Tonight, in particular, he sang with such incredible passion. There was one song, for example, which he described as one he wrote about an ex-boyfriend, and the realisation they had little in common, while sitting on the steps of the Opera House, where he sang with incredible passion and power.

He also writes lyrically funny songs, and his performance tonight of his song, “Boyband” was terrific.

You just know and hope Matthew is going to be a huge star.

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