Heading South

Cronulla Club
Cronulla Club

Damo and I had a beer today at the Cronulla Club, the second time I’ve been there.

It’s a nice enough club, with a really fine outlook over the bowling green.

I’d been in Wollongong for the day for work. And rather than come all the way back into the city before heading back down, I jumped out of the car and met Damo at the club for a late afternoon bevvy.

We chatted mostly about travel, as he’s about to embark on his mega-tour of South East Asia, and I’m contemplating my own travel plans for early next year.

We also had a bite to eat at a nearby tapas placed called Stonefish, I think? You can eat well for very little money, let me assure you. You won’t go starving.

On arriving back in Sydney, I got home as quickly as I could and put on the heater.

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