Summer Is Here

If you thought last weekend was a blip, weather-wise, in Sydney, think again. As I wandered around the city late this afternoon everyone was wearing shorts, and there were quite a few men walking around shirtless.

Even last night, as I wandered home from a couple of drinks with Graeme, at about eight o’clock, the streets were well and truly packed. Sydney gets a “party vibe” at around this time of the year. The streets are packed. People are casually dress. And there’s a spring in everyone’s step. It’s a great time to be here.

But there again, you have the hot weather to deal with. And last night I didn’t sleep well due to the heat and the mosquitoes. Bloody mosquitoes. I presume they’re attracted to other parts of my body aside from my ears :)

Belmore Park
Belmore Park

And then, at about three o’clock in the morning, I heard someone skateboard down my street. Yes, skateboard. I sleep most nights with the window open. Even in winter. I like my fresh air. On the downside, you do get to hear every sound imaginable, and some unimaginable. Last night, for example I also noticed in the still of the night I could hear the actual ablutions in my neighbour’s bathroom. Still, I guess it’s better than the noises I used to hear from the neighbours downstairs BEFORE they had children.

It was a bit of a “do nothing day” as I read for a while and listened to the radio. I’m loving my new digital radio by the way. And I also did a bit of reflection. One of the reasons I try to keep a daily diary on this blog is to help me track my life. And I’ve been noticing lately I’ve been wasting a bit of time. There are days when I feel I haven’t done as much as I should.

I’ve also noticed I haven’t been doing enough of the things I really like doing. I haven’t been going out to eat as much. I haven’t been to as much theatre. I’ve mostly been working hard and doing all of the Swedish things. But that’s about it. Time for a bit of balance again, I suspect.

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  1. Doing “nothing” is also necessary and part of the balance, so don’t worry too much about that. I’ve been doing heaps of that too… today if I was any more relaxed I’d be in a coma :-)

    1. Yeah I agree. But there’s a good version of doing nothing and there’s bad version of doing nothing.

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