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My room at Norumgarden B&B in Narvik, Norway.
My room at Norumgarden B&B in Narvik, Norway.

I spent a fair bit of time online today. I’m trying to find some accommodation in Stockholm during March. I want something which is more than a youth hostel room, but not quite a corporate serviced apartment. I don’t think I want to share, but maybe I do. I’m not sure about that. A studio would be good, with a small kitchen in the corner, and maybe with a lovely view. I think I’d like it to be on Sodermalm, or at least somewhere reasonably close to the city. And of course I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, but I also don’t want to scrimp and save too much either. I’ve seen some interesting looking accommodation, but have decided not to be book yet, as I haven’t really done enough homework yet.

Instead I bought a ticket to concert instead. It’s a charity benefit for cystic fibrosis. But that’s not why I’m going: it features the likes of Alcazar, Magnus Carlsson, Charlotte Perelli and others and is on at the Chinese Theatre. The other spontaneous online purchase I made was for an airline ticket to go home to see my family in mid-December for a long weekend.

Aside from that, I watched a bit of tv, and not much else. Tomorrow is busy though.

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