Australia Day

Citizenship Ceremony
Citizenship Ceremony

Aside from a wander into Hyde Park for a while, it’s been a reasonably uneventful Australia Day for me.

Hyde Park was, as usual for Australia Day, full of people, a variety of food stalls, some great, and some not so great musical entertainment, and lots of cars.

I don’t remember having seen that many cars when I’ve been to Hyde Park in previous years. But this year, there were cars galore.

Noticeably absent this year were large numbers of young people walking around with the flag draped over themselves.

Yes, there were lots of flags, but most people this year seem to have chosen to carry them, not wrap themselves in them.

I loved seeing a group set up on Facebook earlier today called “Flags should be hung from poles, not bogans”.

But aside from that, I’ve had a day of listening to music and fiddling around with my computer, and eating.

Yes, eating. I’m really hungry at the moment. And I’ve been eating a lot over the last few days. Maybe I’m psychologically stocking up for the cold winter of Stockholm?

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      1. It is chilly today, that is for surel And the snow is just blowing. So get ready. And get some boots. Roger and I will take you for a tour…

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