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The view of Slussen, thanks to
The view of Slussen, thanks to

“How are you feeling?” Sue asked me today about my forthcoming trip to Stockholm. Sue was in Sydney for a meeting today, by the way.

“I’m slightly apprehensive about the weather”, I told her.

It was then I pulled out my phone and logged on to the weather application which I’ve set up for Stockholm, which gives you current weather information, a seven day forecast, and an idea of what the weather actually feels like. “Feels like” as in the phrase “it’s currently minus 14, but feels like minus 22”.

Today there were snow flurries. Early next week, some sunshine is expected, with temperatures only just below zero.

“That’ll be fine”, I convinced myself.

I am apprehensive though. I’ve never been on holiday to anywhere quite as cold. Sure, I’ve been to the Snowy Mountains, but that’s hardly in the same league as Stockholm in winter/spring.

Sue told me today she had asked a friend who lives in Moscow the difference between minus 10 and minus 30, and was told that at minus 30, the hair in your nose freezes.

I’ve been checking out the online weather most days, and the Stockholm web cameras every other day. Although the temperatures scare me slightly, the photographs never cease to amaze me.

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